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OptiBeam antenna-technology

OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas are by means of modern tools on the computer designed and on the computer optimized shortwave-beams.

Critical tests in praxis including final optimizations guarantee highest electrical and mechanical performance.


OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas distinguish by the following technical qualities:

  1. use of the new "direct coupled feed system" (at multiband-Yagis) *
  2. special order of the elements
  3. use of full-size elements only.

* utility model registered in Germany

Electrical Properties

By these technical qualities electrical properties above the average are achieved:

  1. highest efficiency
  2. optimum bandcoverage which means nearly constant gain, unchanging radiation pattern and low SWR
  3. direct 50 Ohms at the feedpoint
  4. constancy of the characteristics under all weather-conditions
  5. unlimited power handling.


OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas furthermore distinguish by the following mechanical qualities:

  1. specially configured, stable and nicely shaped elementholders
  2. robust square and round booms
  3. effective and extremely solid element transitions by own mechanical design

Physical Properties

By these technical qualities special physical properties are achieved:

  1. high stability of the entire system
  2. elements perfectly aligned and secured against torsion
  3. minor hanging of the elements
  4. nice optical appearance.

Avoiding disadvantages of other systems

With OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas there exist no disadvantages of other common multiband-systems:

  1. Trapantennas have losses, noticeable reduced bandcoverage, reduction of efficiency over the years and limited power-handling
  2. With Log-Periodics acceptable gain is only achieved on longer booms and unwanted harmonics are radiated
  3. Quads and other wireantennas tend to have losses because of their thin wireelements and they don't show an optimum bandcoverage.
  4. Antennas with “open” feed-systems don’t show full bandcoverage concerning constant gain, unchanging radiation-pattern and low SWR and furthermore don’t have an optimum efficiency.


Gainfigures for OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas are by means of specific software calculated values and therefore don't represent exaggerated dealer information.

Because of the chosen technique gainfigures of monobanders of equivalent size are realized.


The assembly of OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas is done easily and quickly due to specially preworked parts.

OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas are longliving and high performance antennas, that also convince the ham with very high demands !

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