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Repeatedly copied, but never equaled: there is only one OptiBeam

OptiBeam Antenna Technologies was founded in May 2001.
Since our establishment, we have set electrical and mechanical standards.

With 48 different antenna models, from the small 6m monobander over the big 40 through 10m multibander up to the huge 80m Yagi, our range includes a unique variety of products.

Our electrical designs are characterized by extremely high performance, excellent radiation patterns and good SWRs.

Our mechanical solutions are unique up to brilliant.
The attention to detail makes us distinguish from our competitors.

Electrically and mechanically we have developed solutions which were innovative and sometimes groundbreaking, just to name a few:

  • highly efficient driver cell by "wide spaced" driven elements, which are coupled by a square tube phasing line
  • decoupled 40m elements which allow an electrically undisturbed multiband Yagi that includes the 40m band, as well as the stacking of a 40m Yagi together with a multiband Yagi on one single mast
  • 12/17m "hidden sleeve element technique" by which 12m and 17m director elements can be operated in a multiband configuration without getting in conflict along with the 10-15-20m elements
  • standardized high Q coils for 30, 40 and 80m, which let our Yagis, representing shortened ones for these bands, show a performance close to that which Yagis with full sized elements offer
  • integration of the Moxon technology in multiband Yagis as well as in a 40m monoband Yagi which in addition is shorted by high Q coils and thus becomes an extremely compact 2el beam
  • square tube boom technology, which greatly simplifies the general installation of the elements and also prevents them from twisting vertically even with the strongest storms
  • attachment of the elements to the element platforms by UV-stable hydraulic clamps
  • highly stable and extremely efficient mechanical coupling of the element segments by the allen head screw dive in technique
  • trussing of the long 40m and 80m elements by square tube truss towers and a special support rope technique
  • 4 step high power relay controlled switch system which allows to cover the most important parts of the 80m band.

In the area of customer consultation / customer service we significantly distinguish from our competitors by a 365 days per year availablility, by a serious and not-for-sales information policy, by fully comprehensive advice and by a repeatedly praised extremely short "response time".

Worldwide OptiBeam is represented by a network of 18 carefully selected dealers.

Within the last few years, new antenna companies shoot up like mushrooms from the ground, apparently inspired by the idea of making the big race with the construction of antennas for amateur radio.
That in this business, and especially with the product „antenna“, you cannot become rich, not even well to do, is something which has already been painfully found out by the one or the other or which he very soon will be disappointed to detect.
However, what we at OptiBeam notice negatively, up to a disgusting feeling, is the sad fact that not one of these companies shows any kind of own creativity.
These are particularly companies in Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia and even in the United States (and there are more). On purpose we avoid to mention any names, while the attentive observer knows the market anyway and will have in mind which companies are meant.
These "new antenna companies" boast on their web sites and by advertising with new innovative, never seen before etc. developments. But in the final consequence it is nothing more than mechanical ideas, stolen from us, through to the theft of complete electrical designs.
You would have to laugh about it, were it not so sad.
And of course, all this costs us market share.
Unfortunately, because these companies are going to the market with dumping prices, prices at which we are not even able to cover the costs for material and production.
And unfortunately, because world wide an increasing number of radio amateurs seems to be interested more in a low purchase price than in real electrical performance and in actual mechanical quality as well as in comprehensive professional advice.

But please do not let us have any illusions.
The companies described use inferior materials, run less accurate production processes, use cheap labour respectively fabricate in low-wage countries, finally show little fundamental and no detail knowledge, and this way throw a product on the market called shortwave Yagi, to make a quick buck, but this will never be an OptiBeam!
Just as you cannot overturn the laws of physics you cannot trick out the rules of the market economy.

The carefully deliberating radio amateur customer must ultimately decide whether he is looking for top performance, top mechanics and highly competent service at a reasonable price or if he searches the bargain.
Does he want the Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi or will he be satisfied with a bicycle ?
The good saying "you get what you pay for" in this matter hits the black.

Submitted by

Thomas Schmenger, DF2BO
Founder and President of OptiBeam Antenna Technologies