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new antenna models in 2018:

-> OB4020s (mid size Yagi 40/20m)

-> OB4020ss (small Yagi 40/20m)

new antenna models in 2017:

-> OB4-20OWA

-> OB4030x

new breathtaking

antenna models in 2016:

High performing Log Yagis

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40m Monobander:

-> OB3-40

the world's best 80 - 10m antenna set up

-> OB804030x + OB21-3 + OB9-2WARC

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copies of OptiBeam

Repeatedly copied, but never equaled ...

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OptiBeam antennas commercial

OptiBeam-Multiband-Antennas are by means of modern tools on the computer designed and on the computer optimized shortwave-beams.

Critical tests in praxis including final optimizations guarantee highest electrical and mechanical performance.

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Antenna models commercial:

ICRC 3 Band 14-21 MHZ
customized 6 element triband-Yagi International Red Cross
ICRC 4 Band 10-21 MHZ
customized 8 element fourband-Yagi International Red Cross
UNHCR 5 Band 10-21 MHZ
customized 10 element fiveband-Yagi United Nations